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If you have your designs ready to go or if you have a concept and need a professional to produce them, then we are the company that can do it, domestically.

Do you presently have some design ideas and need help with the concept?

Don't want to learn the technical mountain involved with manufacturing?

Are you presently a distributor or wholesaler with your own lines?

Afraid of being ripped off with that one great idea you know will sell?

Overseas manufactures are risky and expensive with questionable quality control and little or no communication; furthermore, your designs are not protected.

Let us make your jewelry for you! We can solve your problems and get you what you need. Our company emphasizes quality, accuracy, and speed.

NICE guys too!

Remember, if you don't succeed, neither do we. Our interest is to promote you through the quality of your product. It is our aim to produce the designs you need to promote sales and growth of your business.

If you Grow, then we Grow.
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